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Birth & Baby Benefits

The Fedhealth Birth and Baby Benefit combines three main benefits:


1. Fedhealth Baby Programme

All pregnant beneficiaries can register for the FREE Fedhealth Baby Programme 12 weeks into their pregnancy and look forward to:


A Fedhealth baby bag

A gorgeous Fedhealth baby bag is usually sent to the mom-to-be a month after registration. It’s packed with quality goodies like baby care products, nappies, a pregnancy book and more.


Vouchers and discounts
Discounts and vouchers for the best baby brands including:

  • 40% off Living & Loving magazine
  • 10% off Preggi Bellies exercise classes
  • 15% off safety products for babies and toddlers from 4aKid
  • From 10 to 25% off Chelino strollers, camp cots and car seats
  • 25% off Baby Kaboosh sleeping bags
  • 25% off Babynastics DVD
  • 20% off Boobi Blankets
  • 25% off Lots 4 Tots baby play mats
  • 20% Baby Legends HUGSEEZ Baby Wrap Carrier
  • Free immunisation e-mail reminders from Tum2mom.


Read more about the Fedhealth Baby Programme.

Education and support

Fedhealth Baby members receive ongoing communication and education in the form of emails and e-letters (to mom and dad), health profiling for each trimester, monthly callouts for high-risk members, email registration for chronic risk communications, access to our 24-hour Medical Advice Line and cover for doula (birth coach) assistance during natural childbirth, together with a new birth card.

Baby Advice Line

A dedicated 24-hour medical advice line for any pregnancy concerns, pre- or post-birth.
Call 0861 116 016 or email for more information and to apply now.


2. Post-natal midwifery benefit

We will pay for four consultations in- and out-of-hospital per pregnancy at 100% of the Fedhealth Rate.


3. Doula for labour support during natural childbirth

We allow R1 300 for a doula per delivery.