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Child Rates For Children Up To 27 Years

What is the child rate benefit? 

As one of our key benefits, Fedhealth offers child medical aid rates for financially dependent children up to 27 years of age. This means that student dependants pay rates applicable to children of the main member or spouse, provided that child is unmarried and not earning more than the maximum social pension.

As an example, on the flexiFED 4 plan, child rates mean you could save up to R16 000 per year on medical aid contributions for each of your children, until they turn 27. And the money you save? You can use it towards tuition or accommodation fees.

What is the definition of a dependant? 

Your spouse, partner, children, or other family members who rely on you for financial care and support, may be registered as your dependants. Want to know more? Read more on dependants.