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Fedhealth Mental Wellness Programmes

The statistics are concerning: 30% of South Africans will suffer from a mental health condition in their lifetime, and 76 to 85% of people in low- and medium-income countries with severe mental disorders receive no treatment. To help address mental health issues amongst its members, Fedhealth offers the Mental Health Programme and the Emotional Wellbeing Programme.


Mental Health Programme

Mental health can be seen as the centre of all health, characterised by integral relationships with a person’s physical, social, workplace and financial wellbeing.


Fedhealth’s Mental Health Programme, available to qualifying members who have been diagnosed with mental health conditions including depression and bipolar disorder, uses innovative solutions for member empowerment and relies on social, family and workplace support.


It promotes:

  • Greater reduction in mental health symptoms
  • Greater rates of care for mental health
  • Improvement in quality of life
  • Less functional impairment
  • Better patient satisfaction
  • Better provider satisfaction
  • Lower total healthcare costs in the medium- and long-term
  • Significant benefits in terms of absenteeism reduction


Any Fedhealth member or beneficiary may enquire whether they qualify for enrolment in the Fedhealth Mental Health Programme. The qualifying beneficiary must contact Fedhealth, as the Scheme needs member consent and involvement for programme enrolment.


The Fedhealth Mental Health Programme also integrates with workplace employee assistance programmes, and establishes a bi-directional referral process between them. Integrated reporting will help measure mental health impact and outcomes, particularly in terms of productivity, which is considered a sensitive measure of mental health interventions.


Contact us: The share call number is 0860 002 153 – follow the prompts to the Disease Management Programme and select the Mental Health Programme, or send an email to for more information and to see whether you qualify.


Emotional Wellbeing Programme

Fedhealth’s Emotional Wellbeing Programme, available to all Fedhealth members and beneficiaries, offers telephonic support to help members cope with the everyday stress of life.


This programme offers Fedhealth members:

  • A dedicated call centre for personal and occupational coaching, trauma, legal wellbeing and financial wellbeing
  • Wellbeing communications on relevant and trending psychosocial, financial and legal wellbeing themes to ensure optimal wellbeing and encourage healthy decision-making
  • Access to a multi-disciplinary team of wellbeing professionals through Fedhealth hosted webinars and social media engagements including live chats
  • Referral to in-person coaching at a reduced rate for Fedhealth members
  • Care coordination and management to assist with risk screening to facilitate convenient access to the appropriate service
  • Tele-coaching where a personal coach provides immediate, professional tele-coaching on psychosocial, financial and legal issues


The programme will be run by a care centre and will be available 24/7 through various channels such as telephone, email, SMS and a call-back facility. Call 087 365 8664 to access this service or click here to download the PDF version of this benefit.


Through the Mental Health Programme and the Mental Wellness Programme, Fedhealth helps our members to take charge of their mental health and live fuller, more rewarding lives.