The Coronavirus pandemic has reshaped everyone’s lives, and for pregnant women, this time has been incredibly stressful.

A lot of questions remain about the risk of the virus during pregnancy – the good news is that researchers have found that cases of COVID-19 being passed on from mother to baby during pregnancy seem to be rare. However, we’re pretty sure your vision of pregnancy did not include a pandemic! You were more thinking along the lines of minimal morning sickness and no complications during the first trimester, right?

However expecting mama, there are some surprising perks of this strange experience we call pandemic pregnancy. Despite the unusual challenges – like changing birth plans, social isolation, and added financial challenges – in some ways, this time is especially fitting for welcoming new babies.

You’re embarking on a fantastic journey. It’s like all your previous birthdays and holidays rolled into one! There’s no better or sweeter distraction during this time. Even Pope Francis wrote in a recent tweet that “The children born during this time of the Coronavirus are a sign of great hope.” Think about it, when you feel anxious, you can stop and kiss those little cheeks and smell the top of your baby’s head … don’t you feel better just thinking about it?!

Taking every precaution to remain healthy means staying close to home. And, with your body working overtime to grow a human, more flexible hours are great. You can – no, you must! – take lots of naps. And then there’s nesting. Birds do it, mammals do it, and of course, humans do it; you’ll have time to prepare your “nest” for your soon to arrive little one.

Also, you can fly under the radar; you’re able to tell the world about the baby when you’re good and ready. Yup, no comments about gaining a few kilos during the lockdown.

For most of the time, you won’t need expensive maternity wear. You can go from night-time leisurewear to day-time leisurewear, and no one will be the wiser. So yeah, you’ll be saving.

There will be no belly touching by strangers (for some reason, during pregnancy, that’s just what people do!) Another major perk of your Covid-19 pregnancy will be less parenting advice. (Kinda hard for your mother in law to demonstrate how to swaddle your baby while holding the phone, right?!) Okay sure, she will still bring you up to date on her drug-free labour back in the day.

You’ll be able to combat morning sickness with ginger and crackers in the comfort of your own home. Oh, and your doctor’s visits will be quicker. You’ll be seen moments after you sit down in the socially distanced waiting room. Bonus!

It’s normal to feel disappointed about cancelled baby showers, gender reveal parties, and “babymoons”. Many expectant mothers have had to put these celebrations on hold or forego them entirely. Not being able to spend these special moments with the people closest to you; it’s disappointing, and it’s okay to feel sad about it.

A baby is going to make your nights longer, your clothes shabbier, your home happier, and the future worth living for. Take good care of yourself beautiful mama-to-be.


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