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Unlimited Network GP Visits

When you need to see a doctor, we’ve got you covered with unlimited network GP visits that are paid from Risk (core benefit bundle) once your day-to-day benefit has been depleted.


There’s a GP near you

We currently have more than 4 600 network general practitioners across the country. This means that 96% of our members live within a 10km radius of a network GP.


How it works: Comprehensive options

On our comprehensive options, should you make use of a network GP, the full cost of the consultation is paid from OHEB (on maxima PLUS) and never from your Savings, with full accumulation at the negotiated rate to your threshold level. Once OHEB is depleted, GP consultations will then be paid in full from Risk (by the Scheme), and the benefit then also becomes UNLIMITED! That means you seeing your doctor as often as you like and never having to pay for a doctor’s consult from your own pocket again – provided you make use of a network doctor.


On flexiFED 4, your GP visits will always be paid from Risk, never from Savings

On flexiFED 4, consultations with a Fedhealth Network GP are always cover from the core benefit bundle and never from your day-to-day benefit (Savings/ MediVault and Wallet).

It’s important to note that it’s your choice to use whichever doctor you prefer. But should you choose to use non-network GPs, the full consultation fee will then be refunded from your day-to-day benefit and will accumulate to your threshold level at 100% of the Fedhealth Rate.


How it works: flexiFED options

On flexiFED 1, flexiFED 2 and flexiFED 3 we offer the following Network GP benefit:
Consultations at a Fedhealth Network GP will be covered from your day-to-day benefit. Once your day-to-day expenses have accumulated to the Benefit Maximiser threshold level, Fedhealth will cover unlimited GP visits at a nominated Fedhealth Network GP.


How to nominate a GP

Each person on your medical aid can nominate a different GP, but must use this GP for all consultations. Please phone the Fedhealth Customer Contact Centre on 0860 002 153 to nominate a GP for each person on your medical aid. You will be allowed to change GPs every six months.


Find a GP near you

Locating a contracted GP is a simple online process, simply click here to find a GP near you.