The cover photo for the private Facebook group “Four Weddings and a Virus” says it all! This snapshot from the 2011 comedy “Bridesmaids” truly captures the bizarre time we’re living in.

Even in the best of times, wedding planning can be totally stressful but adding coronavirus to the mix heightens the stakes. Instead of worrying whether an unruly uncle will have one too many at the bar, you’re suddenly worried that a deadly virus will crash the party and kill your guests!

You’ve dreamt about the perfect dress, the perfect ceremony and the perfect reception. Never in a million years could anyone have anticipated a global pandemic to grip the world and put everything on hold.

If you’re reading this you’re probably one of the many couples who have been significantly affected by the global pandemic and are left with the decision to have a very intimate wedding or to postpone your big day.

The good news – finally! - is that under level 2 star-crossed lovers can officially go ahead and get hitched with up to 50 people to witness the nuptials. However, remember, strict rules apply to those contemplating tying the knot.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • All attendees – including the bride and the groom – have to wear masks covering their noses and mouths at all times unless they are eating or drinking.
  • The wedding function organiser must ensure physical distancing of at least one and a half metre between guests. Any enclosed or confined space must have markings on the floor to facilitate compliance with physical distance measures.
  • Screening stations must be set up at entrances to screen and sanitise guests and to stop those who are not wearing a mask from entering. It’s a good idea to supply hand sanitisers and masks.
  • Microphones and podiums must be sanitised after use by every person.
  • Alcohol sales and consumption will be permitted, provided that the venue holds the applicable liquor licence.
  • The curfew remains in effect.

There’s no debate amongst doctors and scientists that the coronavirus is most contagious when a group spends long periods of time together indoors, which also happens to be an accurate description of many weddings. However, if you do decide to go ahead with the celebrations, it’s good to know that small outdoor weddings where guests wear masks and practice social distancing, will at least be safer.

Intimate weddings are amazing but if you’re not there yet, it’s okay; squeeze your fiancé’s hand tighter and make every kiss count.

Remember, you deserve happiness and are so lucky to have found someone you love enough to spend the rest of your life with. Despite everything else going on in the world, you are allowed to be sad about this. It’s a LOT. So, take your time.

Now all that is left to say is good luck to all the beautiful brides and grooms to be out there who have had their big days affected by COVID-19.


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