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Conservative Back And Neck Rehabilitation Programme

Back pain is a common cause of morbidity and incapacity, and has a significant social and economic impact. It’s second only to headaches when it comes to painful disorders that affect humans.

Fedhealth has an established programme intervention for qualifying members suffering from back and neck problems. It’s built on the principle of active muscle reconditioning, supported by scientific clinical studies showing that exercise reduces pain and can normalise function in many instances.

The programme requires 30 hours of treatment and tangible benefits for the member include an increased quality of life, and the assurance that their employer, through Fedhealth, is providing them with the care that they specifically require.

Contact us:
The share call number is 0860 002 153 – follow the prompts to the Disease Management Programme and select the Conservative Back and Neck Rehabilitation Programme, or send an email to for more information and to see whether you qualify for participation in this programme.

To read more on the Conservative Back and Neck Rehabilitation Programme benefit, download the full document.