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Female Contraceptive Benefit

Oral contraception, contraceptive rings, contraceptive patches and certain contraceptive injections as well as IUDs (including Mirena®), are covered from Risk on the following plans:


  • maxima PLUS
  • maxima EXEC
  • maxima EXEC GRID
  • flexiFED 4
  • flexiFED 3
  • flexiFED 2
  • flexiFED 1


Oral and injectable contraceptives are covered on myFED.

If you get them at a pharmacy, GP or a gynaecologist, the cost will automatically be covered by the Scheme and funded from the core benefit bundle. Bear in mind that oral contraceptive prescriptions will only be funded from the core benefit bundle if prescribed for the purpose of contraception, and not for the purpose of treating acne or another skin condition. IUDs (including the Mirena®), are also paid from the core benefit bundle but this excludes the doctor’s consultation and the cost of the procedure, which will be paid from your day-to-day benefits.

If you’d like to find out which kinds of contraception are funded from the core benefit bundle and which are not, please download this benefit information here.