Many runners are familiar with the atmosphere and set-up of organised races. Some live for the ‘vibe’ and the cheering crowds, while others enjoy the water tables and not having to worry about traffic while they are pulling out all the stops to smash that PB.

With this year’s Sanlam Cape Town Marathon going virtual, however, and allowing runners to run their race anywhere in the world, it does mean that all participants should take extra safety precautions as they won’t have the physical support of the official race organisers along the route.

Here are some things to consider:

  • When planning your route, ensure that you pick one that has sufficient water points, shops or garages so you can stay properly hydrated.
  • Tell a friend/ family member what your route is, or better yet, arrange your own crew to cheer you on and provide support along the way.
  • You’ll be running with your phone to access the SCTM race app. Most medical aids allow you to digitally access your medical aid membership card in case of emergency, so download yours on your phone beforehand. Fedhealth members can do this via the Fedhealth Member App or the WhatsApp service.
  • Share your medical aid e-card in advance with a friend/ family member.
  • Save your medical aid emergency services number in your phone. For Fedhealth members this number is 0860 333 432.
  • Make sure your phone has sufficient charge before you hit the road!
  • Don’t forget the sunscreen! October is already blazing hot in South Africa.
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